Friday, March 30, 2012

Favorite Product Friday!

For my first ever Favorite Product Friday I decided to pay homage to my absolute, #1, most important, best ever beauty product.  What is this amazing product you ask?  My SEDU straightener of course!  I have VERY thick, long hair that is naturally wavy underneath and weirdly straight on the top layer.  I used to spend hours and hours (at least my fiance, family and friends say so!) getting ready all because of my hair.  It's just a lot of hair to straighten, curl or whatever.  This wonder straightener has changed all of that!  The best part about it is the curved edge.  With a little practice you can have stick straight hair, flip ends out, flip ends under or make curls and waves.  Its a little pricey, but trust me it is so so so worth it!  I brought this straightener home with me to Maryland once and did my mom and sisters hair.  My sister bought her own 2 weeks later and we both went in together and got my mom one for Christmas!  It has literally made getting ready SO much faster.  Combine this straighter with Chi shine spray and thank me later!
I bought mine at but they might have them at Ulta as well.  Folica is great because they  always have coupon codes, free shipping and lots of honest reviews.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Comfy, Casual and Cute

There is nothing I love more than finding an outfit that is effortlessly cute and comfy at the same time!  Plus these loose and flowy tops were great for all the green beer we had in Savannah and the SUSHI dinner with Casey's family in South Carolina.  Here are a few things that I have recently purchased  that are perfect for throwing on, running errands (or in my case long car rides and lots of food!) and looking stylish all at the same time! 

I wore this one on the way to Savannah for St.Patty's day.  It didn't wrinkle during the  5+ hour car ride and still looked cute when we stopped for our first drink in Savannah the night before St. Patty's!
Find it right here for a very affordable $27!

I wore this comfy top last weekend while visiting Casey's family in Columbia, SC.  It was comfy during the 3.5 hour car ride and looked cute all the way through dinner!  PS: That "little" guy up front is Casey's 13 year old brother.  He is taller than me now!  Future football star?
Find the top here for only $27!
What is your "go to" comfy yet cute outfit?  Thanks for reading y'all!


Game changa

OK...So I made a pit stop at Ulta today after work...always a dangerous thing for my bank account.  I picked up this little baby. 
 Can we say life changing?  Ok maybe i'm exaggerating just a little a bit....but game changer fo sho.  This magical brush is the Studio Gear foundation brush.  Its #16.  I have always since like 8th grade used a sponge for foundation...NO MORE.  It seriously looked like I had one of those air brush machines.  I know I might be a little late on the whole using a good brush for foundation thing.  Better late than never though right?! Anywho just had to share.  Try it you will not regret!  And it was $24, not to shabby!


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cute finds under $50

So I live in beautiful Wilmington, NC.  I love it...see below, who wouldn't?  But living in a smaller town has its pro's and con's.  My major con is the mall is tiny.  Like seriously really small.  

 But thankfully I discovered a little jem of a store on the beach!  I'm talking about Hallelu Boutique!  I seriously think if I had not have found this store when I first moved here to be with C I might have just high tailed it right back to Raleigh.  But lucky for him (hehe) I  have an uncanny way of finding things I want need to buy no matter where I am!  Here are a few accessories I am eyeing from the fabulous Hallelu right now.  There are too many things I love from this store to do the clothes also, so i'll have to save that for another post.  Oh and BTW check them out on Wrightsville Beach or right here if you love online shopping as much as I do.
OK so if I have not mentioned this I am OBSESSED with the mint/seafoam green trend going on right now.  And what better way to incorporate this than these sunnies?!  Um and they are $12...Fo realz.  Buy them right here.
Obviously what girl doesn't need a tusk bracelet?   I picture this beauty and the one below stacked with my new Michael Kors watch I got a few weeks ago on "Treat yo self" day with C.  If you don't know what treat yo self day is you NEED to start watching Parks and Rec.  Hilarious.  Did I mention this is only $14?  Find it right here.

$14.  Perfect for stacking.  LOVE.  Find it here

I'm in love with this.  I am originally a Maryland girl, but hey, I've been in NC since 2003...gotta represent right?  $38 and it comes in silver too.  Find it here.
Hope you ladies love these under $50 accesories just as much as I do!  If you live in Wilmington or visit Wilmington this summer be sure to stop by Hallelu and check it out!

                                                                            Bye bye for now!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Affordable Aztec

One of my favorite new trends is Aztec!  I can still remember when I was younger and my parents bought a hideous Aztec print couch.  They were going for the "south western look" in our basement.  It was in a word awful.  Note to my mom: Why did you ever let my dad have any say in home decor?! Luckily Aztec prints look a lot better on people than couches!  Here are a few of my favorite Aztec inspired pieces for under $50!  Can't beat that!

Love this pendant necklace and its only  $19.50!  Find it here

OK I know you can't buy these nails, but wow.  Neon Aztec.  Cute!

I plan on adding this dress to my summer wardrobe  very soon!  Only $40, find it here

I <3 this skirt.  Pastel Aztec. $39.00.  MUST do some many squats before I try and  pull this one off, but oh so cute.
Pick up this here

Monday, March 26, 2012

Coral obsession

So this first post is about one of my absolute favorite colors for summer, that looks flattering on just about anyone; Coral!  Two of my favorite items in my closet right now are my coral wedges and new coral Coach wallet (courtesy of my sweet soon-to-be hubby!)  Here are a few coral items I am currently crushing on!
LOVE this coral and Lace dress!  It's from this adorable site I found
 This adorable dress is also from Adabelles!  So perfect for all of those upcoming bridal showers!

 I found this outfit on Pinterest and I die for it.  CORAL SKINNIES!  So cute!  Plus nude heels, teal bangles and an adorable top.  PERFECTION!

These shoes combine so many things I love: Coral of course,  wedges for comfort and  not to mention that they are 5 inches, perfect for the short girls!  And most important of all they are a great deal at only $44 from Vestique!


Hi!  I am Sara and I am a lover of clothing, jewelry, shoes, hair, makeup you name it!  This blog will be about all of the things I find that I love!  I have an obsession for coral, big earrings, nautical themed outfits, lace and an undying love for the oh-so-important sundress.  I am brand new to the "blogging world," though I do follow several blogs, so please forgive me as I learn how to navigate!