Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Affordable Aztec

One of my favorite new trends is Aztec!  I can still remember when I was younger and my parents bought a hideous Aztec print couch.  They were going for the "south western look" in our basement.  It was in a word awful.  Note to my mom: Why did you ever let my dad have any say in home decor?! Luckily Aztec prints look a lot better on people than couches!  Here are a few of my favorite Aztec inspired pieces for under $50!  Can't beat that!

Love this pendant necklace and its only  $19.50!  Find it here

OK I know you can't buy these nails, but wow.  Neon Aztec.  Cute!

I plan on adding this dress to my summer wardrobe  very soon!  Only $40, find it here

I <3 this skirt.  Pastel Aztec. $39.00.  MUST do some many squats before I try and  pull this one off, but oh so cute.
Pick up this here
If anyone is reading this I hope you love these affordable Aztec pieces as much as I do!  Please comment or follow the blog and thanks for reading:)  Have a wonderful Tuesday!


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