Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cute finds under $50

So I live in beautiful Wilmington, NC.  I love it...see below, who wouldn't?  But living in a smaller town has its pro's and con's.  My major con is the mall is tiny.  Like seriously really small.  

 But thankfully I discovered a little jem of a store on the beach!  I'm talking about Hallelu Boutique!  I seriously think if I had not have found this store when I first moved here to be with C I might have just high tailed it right back to Raleigh.  But lucky for him (hehe) I  have an uncanny way of finding things I want need to buy no matter where I am!  Here are a few accessories I am eyeing from the fabulous Hallelu right now.  There are too many things I love from this store to do the clothes also, so i'll have to save that for another post.  Oh and BTW check them out on Wrightsville Beach or right here if you love online shopping as much as I do.
OK so if I have not mentioned this I am OBSESSED with the mint/seafoam green trend going on right now.  And what better way to incorporate this than these sunnies?!  Um and they are $12...Fo realz.  Buy them right here.
Obviously what girl doesn't need a tusk bracelet?   I picture this beauty and the one below stacked with my new Michael Kors watch I got a few weeks ago on "Treat yo self" day with C.  If you don't know what treat yo self day is you NEED to start watching Parks and Rec.  Hilarious.  Did I mention this is only $14?  Find it right here.

$14.  Perfect for stacking.  LOVE.  Find it here

I'm in love with this.  I am originally a Maryland girl, but hey, I've been in NC since 2003...gotta represent right?  $38 and it comes in silver too.  Find it here.
Hope you ladies love these under $50 accesories just as much as I do!  If you live in Wilmington or visit Wilmington this summer be sure to stop by Hallelu and check it out!

                                                                            Bye bye for now!


  1. Super lovely blog!


  2. Thank you so much! You made my day:) I just started blogging and am still getting the hang of it but its nice to know someone is reading:)


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