Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday's Letters


Dear Friday:
So glad you finally decided to show up this week!  I almost thought you wouldn't make it.  Thank's for being so speedy to get here though! *SARCASM*

Dear Jenna Marbles: You have done it again you funny bitch you!

Dear Fashion show last night:  You were so much fun, thank you for an excuse to dress up pretty. Here is a sneak peek pic. 

Dear Bo Bo:  Thank you for being understanding and bascially the best dog ever.  Mommy is sorry for staying out late 2 nights this week! I promise I am making it up to you tomorrow!  C-A-R  T-R-I-P

Dear Lake Murray, South Carolina:  I cant wait to float around of you this weekend!  Get ready!

Dear Real Housewives of OC and NJ:  I really don't care what anyone says about you.  You are my favorite shows and I am not embarrassed!  And also Dear Tamra from the OC:  Your bubbies, as they would say in Jersey look SO much better smaller!  You don't need those huge fake boobs to look good!

Thats all, have a great weekend!


Thursday, May 3, 2012

All I do is win win win no matta what

Happy Thursday!  I have the song quoted in the title of this blog post in my head this week, because I have been winning lots of random but awesome shizz lately.  I have also been feeling pretty lucky lately. Here are a few reason's why...

Exhibit A: 
I get to head down here this weekend to Lake Murray,South Carolina for our couples shower at Casey's dad's house.  This is literally their backyard.  I LOVE it there!  They are planning a couples shower since my other shower was in Maryland which is a super long drive for his family that lives in SC.  I am so excited, and super excited that Casey get's to join in on the fun this time.  

Exhibit B:
I won this necklace on a blog giveaway a few weeks back and it just came in.  Isn't it cute?!  Kinda hard to see but its my future initials. It's from a store in Raleigh (my old home after college) called Charlotte's.  An adorable blog I follow was hosting the giveaway, check her out here

Exhibit C: 
 I won tickets to this yesterday!  One of the local boutique's Island Passage Elixir I follow on facebook posted a giveaway for 2 free tickets and wouldn't ya know I won that too!

I just got home from the show and it was awesome, pics coming tomorrow!  Any who i'm off to buy some lotto tickets. Haha justttt kiddddingggg.  No but really I just might....  Pictures of the awesome fashions and the couples shower to come!


Monday, April 30, 2012

Bridal shower recap-prepare for sappyness

Hello Lovelies! I am going to go ahead and apologize if this post gets a little sappy.  But what can I say, my bridal shower made me feel all warm and fuzzy and well sappy.

First of all my bridal shower was AH-MA-ZING!   I was overwhelmed with love from the second I walked in.  One, because I was immediately greeted by my family and closest friends (Who were all already there since I am perpetually running 5 minutes late....dang hair) and two, because it was beautiful.  I could just see all of the effort and hard work my wonderful Aunt Nancy (aka Nana) and my sister Emily (also maid of honor) put into it.  I'm still waiting on mom and bridesmaids to email me pics, which I will post asap, but ill go ahead and try to describe and give you some pics of some things I have here:

*My cousins, nana and sister had stayed up cooking till 11pm the night before and the spread was awesome.  SO many different quiches, crab dip, tarts in every flavor, chocolate covered strawberry's, yummy salad, fruits, veggies, mini cupcakes in my wedding colors and my personal fav SANGRIA!

* My mom had put together a hilarious game of questions about myself and Casey.  She had secretly emailed Casey to double check answers and get more questions.  Let's just say it was hilarious and led to several stories being told about me that made me laugh so hard I was crying.  Some of which were probably not appropriate for Grandma.

* My sister had made the cutest invites (she is a graphic designer for Pandora-yes the jewelry company, and yes she gets huge discounts!)  She had included with the invite a recipe card for everyone to fill out so I got sooo many awesome recipes from friends and family.

*There was a little box my sister had painted in my wedding colors to hold well wishes that Casey and I will get to read after the wedding.  Knowing i'm a snoop she took it with her:)

* I got some of the most thoughtful gifts I could have imagined.  Several made me cry! They were all awesome (hello luxury sheets and matching silverware!!!) but let me share a few of my favorites.

-My sister/maid of honor/visionary of the shower gave me SUCH a thoughtful gift.  It was a basket full of wine, but each wine had a label (that she designed herself of course) with an occasion during our first year of marriage and a sweet poem.  There was a bottle of champagne for the wedding night, a bottle of red for our first fight, first dinner party, first Christmas Eve, first anniversary etc.  Lets just say I was crying trying to read the poems out loud to everyone.  Without a doubt I am one lucky girl to have such an amazing sister.

 -My bridesmaid and one of my best friends Natalie aka Nad HANDMADE me these adorable hangers.  Here's a pic of one of them.  I have been eyeing them on Etsy, and can not believe how crafty she is!  She also bought Casey and I these awesome Bride and Groom pimp cups.

 After the gift opening was over Nana (my aunt who is like a second mom and was hosting the shower) asked me to come upstairs with her.  She opened her jewelry box and immediately started crying.  She told me that she was letting all of us girls (her daughters-my cousins who are more like sisters and my sister and I) choose one of my grandmothers rings when we got married.  I chose this one because I remember my grandmother loving pearls.  Its hard to see but its a cluster of small pearls and tiny diamonds.  My grandma was a fancy lady:)  I am going to wear it as my "something old" on the wedding day...I need to get it sized though because my fingers are ALOT bigger than hers! It is so special to me to have a piece of my grandmothers jewelry with me as I walk down the aisle, and I feel so honored that my Aunt would give me something so dear to her:)

Those are some of the highlights of the day, I can honestly say that I will never forget my bridal shower.  It was full of so many laugh until you cry moments, sentimental moments and everyone I love put SO MUCH effort and energy into making it special.

After the shower Nad, Jess(other bff and bridesmaid) and I went to grab a drink before I had to go home for a LONG night of assembling wedding invitations with Mom and Em.  And to make my day even more awesome Nad (who recently got engaged to Doug in Hawaii!) asked Jess and I to be bridesmaids in her wedding!  I am so so excited to return the favor to her next summer!

The bridal shower was so much more than I even thought and if you read this blog you know I was excited for it!  I feel truly lucky to have such sweet, hilarious and thoughtful women in my life.   And I promise pics coming as soon as possible!

Have a great Monday!


Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday's Letters

Well I have never done a "link up."  At least that's what I think its called? But one of the many blogs I stalk Adventures of Newlyweds does one so I thought I would join in the fun!  Hopefully I am doing this right, here we go:


Dear Friday, thank you for letting me get off work early today!  I really needed some me time.  Dear Jenna Marbles, OMG I almost peed my shorts laughing at this video.  Please do not watch if curse words offend you.  I personally have a raunchy sense of humor sometimes and thought this was hilarious.

Dear New Joe's Jeans that just arrived in the mailbox today.  I heart you and how you make my tush look so much rounder than it actually is.
Dear anyone who is invited to a wedding ever.  2 names on the invite means 2 people are invited.  Your name "and guest" means 2 people are invited.  Just your name means JUST YOU are invited. Open bar and crab cakes are expensive people and some wedding venues (like mine) only hold so many people.  There is no room for that dude who you just met at the bar and asked to be your date.  I am sorry lots of brides have to cut off the guests at people who are actually dating someone!
Dear Fiance and blog readers, thank you for putting up with bridezilla rants like above:)


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Beach day outfit

I'm working on a bridal shower recap for tomorrow but for now let me leave you with what I hope the weather is going to be nice enough to wear this weekend!  I love mixing more expensive pieces like this tote with more affordable ones like everything else in this outfit!

beachy outfit

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Yellow Love

Hello lovelies!  I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!  I sure did:)  I forgot to take pics, but i'll give you a quick rundown.  Friday: Boring.....Me, Casey and TV.  Saturday: We were up bright and early to head to Greenville aka G-Vegas for the spring game.  We lasted about 20 minutes at the actual game, but spent ALLL day at a local hangout that a friend owns drinking delicious beer and catching up with everyone who still lives in Greenville.  It was a hilarious day full of lots of toasts, reminiscing about drunken college memories and laughing.  Sunday: Casey and I headed downtown to check out the Azalea Festival.  This is a huge event in Wilmington.  We basically ate, people watched and just enjoyed each other's company:)

Tonight I was playing around in Polyvore and put together some things I love in a color I LOVE.  Yellow.  These dresses are perfect for all of the summer weddings, showers etc. etc. that everyone has going on.  To me yellow is one of those timeless summer colors that just makes you feel and look beautiful and happy.  AND it looks great on just about any skin tone so everyone can rock it.
yellow love

J Crew pocket dress, $148
Single shoulder dress, $72
Giambattista Valli sleeveless knit dress, £1,549
Ruched chiffon dress
Belted dress, £20
Jimmy choo pumps, $595
Kelsi dagger shoes, $119
Tory Burch genuine leather handbag, £234

What do yall think about these looks?  Would you wear it?

Hope y'all had a great weekend and love these yellow pieces as much as I do:)


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tween's with style!

So I have to share my adorbs future sister-in-law's outfit she put together today.  Lily is all of 12 years old, but is probably the most fashionable 12 year old I have ever met.  I mean when I was 12 I was rocking braces, didn't know how to tame my hair yet and wore like wide leg jeans.  I believe they were called Jencos or Jincos?  Ew.  Kids have come along way since my day.  Ha anyways I took her shopping for some summer clothes at Le Targe' aka Target. I usually do her shopping with her via her mama's and my future mother in laws credit card because there would be a knock down drag out if they went together.  The child has some serious sass when it comes to what she wears.  And plus I can make sure she is looking good and not getting anything hoochy! 

1. High waist flowy shorts $16.99
2. Tank top with cute aztec print $12.99
3.Shrug $15.00

This cute outfit that would be equally adorbs on a 20 something all for under $50.  Love Target!

All for now!


Makeup galore!

Good morning!  I have to share my score from Ulta  that I am so excited about! So I have been saving or some would say hoarding all of my Ulta rewards points for some time now.  FINALLY I hit 7,500 and was able to get $100 off my purchase.  Um holy excitement.  $100 to spend at Ulta is like a dream come true for a girl on a budget like me. I also got an email coupon for 20% off my purchase so I decided to sneak out of work yesterday for a quick break because waiting until 6 felt unbearable.  I was able to get all of this.

To be exact I got the Urban Decay naked palette that came with a mini primer potion ($50), Benefit smokin' eyes ($36), Benefit big beautiful eyes($32), Benefit blush in coralista ($28) and last but not least a teasing brush ($4.99).  All of this would have cost me a little over $150, but with my coupon and rewards points I literally paid $23.  YAYYY! I think I seriously skipped out of the store.

All of this new makeup excitement inspired me to clean out my makeup drawer. Out with the old, in with the new!  Pretty organized right?! For me the least organized person on the planet that is.

Has anyone tried these products or have any that I need to try? Or any good $ saving strategies to share?  This girl is alllll ears!  Hope yall have a great day:)


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bathing suits and wedding "stuff"

Well hello there!  I have been busy busy taking care of wedding "stuff."  I am proud to report that in the last week or so we have nailed down a "event schedule" with the DJ, booked a getaway vintage cab, booked lighting, met with the rental company and met with the florist (side note: Fiore Fine Flowers is the best florist in Wilmington.  If you are a Wilmington bride you should for sure go see them.  Erica is adorable and they are so creative and helpful!).  Whew I am exhausted just thinking about it!  Its so funny how almost a year ago when I got engaged I felt like the engagement period could go on forever.  I loved the planning, the meetings, the excitement. Ha and now I am ready to get this show on the road, enjoy the day and just be married to my best friend.  Not to mention escape for a week for some "us" time on the honeymoon.  So basically I have been reminding myself to enjoy these moments and not wish time away this past week.  But I have also been doing a lot of thinking about bathing suits.  Namely, fitting in/looking good in them haha. But also, I need some cute suits for the bachelorette party ( in FL with all my skinny BFFS...those bitches ha) and the honeymoon! Here are a few ton of my top choices that I will hopefully be treating myself to!

Where do you girls buy your bathing suits?  I could use some suggestions!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What to wear?

So I have a very exciting event coming up in less than 3 weeks.  My first bridal shower.  I am really extremely excited about this.  I will get to head home to Maryland and spend the day with my beautiful mom, sister, aunts, cousins, family friends and bridesmaids  and to say that I am beyond excited is an understatement.  Ha I have even been realllly naughty and have been stalking my registry websites. I know I know, I should let myself be surprised....but I was the kid who always snuck a peek of my mom's "Christmas book."  This thing held her lists of every present bought for me and my sister.  And I was not above counting to make sure it was even!

But on to the purpose of this post: What should I wear?!!!!  I have a few options.

Option 1:

This I already own and have not worn yet.  So that is great for the budget.  I would pair it with either my nude or coral wedges, some fun gold earrings and MK watch.  Also probably a cardigan.  

Option 2:

SO cute.  I would have to buy as I do not already own this beauty, but I could wear it again.

Option 3:

I like this one because it feels a little more conservative.  I mean my grandma will be there so I want to be cute, but covered cute.  Haha it is a bridal shower not a night club ya know?

 Option 4:

This I like a lot too!!!  I'm not sure about buying this online though because it looks like something I should try on.  But it is superrrr cute!
I need help!  What option do you like best?! 1,2,3 or 4?  I do have another shower with Casey's side of the family coming up in the beginning of May.  So technically I need 2 choices. Pretty please leave me a comment and let me know which you like best.  Or maybe I am totally off base and none of these are perfect shower outfits.  Haha I need help!!!

Thanks for reading!  I am finally up to 3 followers and so excited about it (I am a dork I know)! But I really do love reading everyone's blogs and I am excited I discovered this little blogging world!


Monday, April 2, 2012

Concerts, alligators and achy feet!

Hello!  So I have a few things I need to get out....But first here is a quick weekend recap!


 Casey and I were on the couch, in PJ's, enjoying t.v and adult beverages.  Around 11:30 the phone rings and we are told that Nappy Roots is playing downtown in 30 minutes.  What are two responsible adults to do except get ready in a hurry and book it downtown?  The show was awesome and well worth it though.   Only problem....It was hot as crap in there!!!!  I broke out my favorite coral wedges for the first time this season, but made the mistake of wearing what I though was a weather appropriate shirt.  3/4 sleeves, but it had kind of a open back thing going on.  Oh my lord what a mistake.  I was sweating like crazy.  It was so embarrassing!!! We were with Casey's friend (also his best man in our wedding and my very good friend as well) when he so kindly pointed out to me that I had boob sweat showing through my shirt (sans bra due to the open back thingy.)
                                                    HOLY MORTIFYING.
So of course I overly indulged in the vodka crans and cracked many many wow im in pre-menopause jokes that weren't funny.  Oh well, by the end of the night I was sitting on a curb, talking to my new BFF who I have several pics with that I won't share on here and scarfing down pizza.  Boob sweat and late night pizza eating considered, Nappy Roots was well worth it!
So I forgot to snap a pic of my outfit, but in my vodka cran embarrassment induced haze I did get Casey to take a pic of my  stacked bangles paired with my new Michael Kors watch!  It made its first appearance downtown! Haha.  Please disregard the chipped nails, I was all set for an evening of lounging.  Also let me take a moment to explain my wrists aka the ban of my existence.  Simply put I have baby wrists.  Like I have never lost my baby fat and my wrist size does not match my hands.  Its an issue.


Casey and I headed downtown around noon to get my car and some lunch.  We decided to check out Greenfield Lake park because we still needed to find a place to do the rehearsing for the wedding before the actual rehearsal dinner.  We found the PERFECT place, chatted up some weird old man(pictured below) and then decided to walk around the lake.  Casey was kidding me that there were alligators in the lake...right when I was about to believe he said ohh your so gullible!  Thennnn we continued to walk and saw this!!!! OMG!  He was totally kidding and didn't even really know there were aligators(though once we saw the sign he claimed he knew the whole time haha.)   We even saw one!  Anyways, we kept walking and walking thinking it was only about 3 miles around the lake....OHH noo....try 6.  In skinny jeans and very uncomfortable sandals.  My feet were aching. All in all a fun little adventure and Greenfield lake park is wayyy prettier than I realized.  Later on we had some Mexican for dinner and went and saw Joe Who Lives At Home.  Pretty funny, but not as funny as I expected.  But still good.
"The sign" haha 

See him!  A gator!

Perfect spot for rehearsing!  It was overcast, but its even prettier in person! (Weird man pictured)

The other view!

Anywho this recap brings me to the matter at hand.  My wedding is 76 days away.  I still have like a gazillion things to do (At least finding a rehearsing space is crossed off!) and if you can see from the weekend I cannot keep it together with the healthy eating once the weekend rolls around!!!!!  First dress fitting is in exactly 21 days.  HOLY cow I need to get it together!!!  I've been doing weight watchers and lost about 8 lbs in 2 months, then in March partied way to much and gained 8 lbs basically over St. Patty's day weekend.  I am back down 6 of the 8 I gained back.  But I REALLY need to step it up.  Weekends included.  I joined a gym, was going really well and then fell off the wagon around said St.Patty's drinking weekend.  THIS week I am going to get back at it.  I need to lose those 2 pounds I had lost plus 10. And April 21st is gonna come wayyyy to soon for all that I fear.  I at least want to 5.  So we shall see.  I think the only way is buckling down and not going out to eat on the weekends..or maybe just one night, but no out for a hangover breakfast or lunch the next day and no late night pizza! And yes actually using said gym membership.

I will keep you posted on all of the progress I will hopefully be having these next few weeks!  If anyone has any suggestions how to step up weight loss in a healthy way puh leeeezzee let me know!


Friday, March 30, 2012

Favorite Product Friday!

For my first ever Favorite Product Friday I decided to pay homage to my absolute, #1, most important, best ever beauty product.  What is this amazing product you ask?  My SEDU straightener of course!  I have VERY thick, long hair that is naturally wavy underneath and weirdly straight on the top layer.  I used to spend hours and hours (at least my fiance, family and friends say so!) getting ready all because of my hair.  It's just a lot of hair to straighten, curl or whatever.  This wonder straightener has changed all of that!  The best part about it is the curved edge.  With a little practice you can have stick straight hair, flip ends out, flip ends under or make curls and waves.  Its a little pricey, but trust me it is so so so worth it!  I brought this straightener home with me to Maryland once and did my mom and sisters hair.  My sister bought her own 2 weeks later and we both went in together and got my mom one for Christmas!  It has literally made getting ready SO much faster.  Combine this straighter with Chi shine spray and thank me later!
I bought mine at but they might have them at Ulta as well.  Folica is great because they  always have coupon codes, free shipping and lots of honest reviews.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Comfy, Casual and Cute

There is nothing I love more than finding an outfit that is effortlessly cute and comfy at the same time!  Plus these loose and flowy tops were great for all the green beer we had in Savannah and the SUSHI dinner with Casey's family in South Carolina.  Here are a few things that I have recently purchased  that are perfect for throwing on, running errands (or in my case long car rides and lots of food!) and looking stylish all at the same time! 

I wore this one on the way to Savannah for St.Patty's day.  It didn't wrinkle during the  5+ hour car ride and still looked cute when we stopped for our first drink in Savannah the night before St. Patty's!
Find it right here for a very affordable $27!

I wore this comfy top last weekend while visiting Casey's family in Columbia, SC.  It was comfy during the 3.5 hour car ride and looked cute all the way through dinner!  PS: That "little" guy up front is Casey's 13 year old brother.  He is taller than me now!  Future football star?
Find the top here for only $27!
What is your "go to" comfy yet cute outfit?  Thanks for reading y'all!


Game changa

OK...So I made a pit stop at Ulta today after work...always a dangerous thing for my bank account.  I picked up this little baby. 
 Can we say life changing?  Ok maybe i'm exaggerating just a little a bit....but game changer fo sho.  This magical brush is the Studio Gear foundation brush.  Its #16.  I have always since like 8th grade used a sponge for foundation...NO MORE.  It seriously looked like I had one of those air brush machines.  I know I might be a little late on the whole using a good brush for foundation thing.  Better late than never though right?! Anywho just had to share.  Try it you will not regret!  And it was $24, not to shabby!


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cute finds under $50

So I live in beautiful Wilmington, NC.  I love it...see below, who wouldn't?  But living in a smaller town has its pro's and con's.  My major con is the mall is tiny.  Like seriously really small.  

 But thankfully I discovered a little jem of a store on the beach!  I'm talking about Hallelu Boutique!  I seriously think if I had not have found this store when I first moved here to be with C I might have just high tailed it right back to Raleigh.  But lucky for him (hehe) I  have an uncanny way of finding things I want need to buy no matter where I am!  Here are a few accessories I am eyeing from the fabulous Hallelu right now.  There are too many things I love from this store to do the clothes also, so i'll have to save that for another post.  Oh and BTW check them out on Wrightsville Beach or right here if you love online shopping as much as I do.
OK so if I have not mentioned this I am OBSESSED with the mint/seafoam green trend going on right now.  And what better way to incorporate this than these sunnies?!  Um and they are $12...Fo realz.  Buy them right here.
Obviously what girl doesn't need a tusk bracelet?   I picture this beauty and the one below stacked with my new Michael Kors watch I got a few weeks ago on "Treat yo self" day with C.  If you don't know what treat yo self day is you NEED to start watching Parks and Rec.  Hilarious.  Did I mention this is only $14?  Find it right here.

$14.  Perfect for stacking.  LOVE.  Find it here

I'm in love with this.  I am originally a Maryland girl, but hey, I've been in NC since 2003...gotta represent right?  $38 and it comes in silver too.  Find it here.
Hope you ladies love these under $50 accesories just as much as I do!  If you live in Wilmington or visit Wilmington this summer be sure to stop by Hallelu and check it out!

                                                                            Bye bye for now!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Affordable Aztec

One of my favorite new trends is Aztec!  I can still remember when I was younger and my parents bought a hideous Aztec print couch.  They were going for the "south western look" in our basement.  It was in a word awful.  Note to my mom: Why did you ever let my dad have any say in home decor?! Luckily Aztec prints look a lot better on people than couches!  Here are a few of my favorite Aztec inspired pieces for under $50!  Can't beat that!

Love this pendant necklace and its only  $19.50!  Find it here

OK I know you can't buy these nails, but wow.  Neon Aztec.  Cute!

I plan on adding this dress to my summer wardrobe  very soon!  Only $40, find it here

I <3 this skirt.  Pastel Aztec. $39.00.  MUST do some many squats before I try and  pull this one off, but oh so cute.
Pick up this here