Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bathing suits and wedding "stuff"

Well hello there!  I have been busy busy taking care of wedding "stuff."  I am proud to report that in the last week or so we have nailed down a "event schedule" with the DJ, booked a getaway vintage cab, booked lighting, met with the rental company and met with the florist (side note: Fiore Fine Flowers is the best florist in Wilmington.  If you are a Wilmington bride you should for sure go see them.  Erica is adorable and they are so creative and helpful!).  Whew I am exhausted just thinking about it!  Its so funny how almost a year ago when I got engaged I felt like the engagement period could go on forever.  I loved the planning, the meetings, the excitement. Ha and now I am ready to get this show on the road, enjoy the day and just be married to my best friend.  Not to mention escape for a week for some "us" time on the honeymoon.  So basically I have been reminding myself to enjoy these moments and not wish time away this past week.  But I have also been doing a lot of thinking about bathing suits.  Namely, fitting in/looking good in them haha. But also, I need some cute suits for the bachelorette party ( in FL with all my skinny BFFS...those bitches ha) and the honeymoon! Here are a few ton of my top choices that I will hopefully be treating myself to!

Where do you girls buy your bathing suits?  I could use some suggestions!

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