Thursday, April 12, 2012

Makeup galore!

Good morning!  I have to share my score from Ulta  that I am so excited about! So I have been saving or some would say hoarding all of my Ulta rewards points for some time now.  FINALLY I hit 7,500 and was able to get $100 off my purchase.  Um holy excitement.  $100 to spend at Ulta is like a dream come true for a girl on a budget like me. I also got an email coupon for 20% off my purchase so I decided to sneak out of work yesterday for a quick break because waiting until 6 felt unbearable.  I was able to get all of this.

To be exact I got the Urban Decay naked palette that came with a mini primer potion ($50), Benefit smokin' eyes ($36), Benefit big beautiful eyes($32), Benefit blush in coralista ($28) and last but not least a teasing brush ($4.99).  All of this would have cost me a little over $150, but with my coupon and rewards points I literally paid $23.  YAYYY! I think I seriously skipped out of the store.

All of this new makeup excitement inspired me to clean out my makeup drawer. Out with the old, in with the new!  Pretty organized right?! For me the least organized person on the planet that is.

Has anyone tried these products or have any that I need to try? Or any good $ saving strategies to share?  This girl is alllll ears!  Hope yall have a great day:)



  1. That is an awesome haul! Sometimes I try to save money by buying things like eyeshadow on ebay.

    You should totally do a post on dresses people can wear to summer weddings!

    1. I've heard of people doing that and I should probably start! Wedding attire post is in the works! I've been trying to put together outfits in polyvore to make it prettier, ha so once I master that it will be up!

  2. This is incredible!!! HOLE moly I didn't even know that was possible!! great job girl!

    1. Thanks! Haha save those Ulta points! We don't have sephora here so Ulta is a lifesaver!


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