Monday, April 2, 2012

Concerts, alligators and achy feet!

Hello!  So I have a few things I need to get out....But first here is a quick weekend recap!


 Casey and I were on the couch, in PJ's, enjoying t.v and adult beverages.  Around 11:30 the phone rings and we are told that Nappy Roots is playing downtown in 30 minutes.  What are two responsible adults to do except get ready in a hurry and book it downtown?  The show was awesome and well worth it though.   Only problem....It was hot as crap in there!!!!  I broke out my favorite coral wedges for the first time this season, but made the mistake of wearing what I though was a weather appropriate shirt.  3/4 sleeves, but it had kind of a open back thing going on.  Oh my lord what a mistake.  I was sweating like crazy.  It was so embarrassing!!! We were with Casey's friend (also his best man in our wedding and my very good friend as well) when he so kindly pointed out to me that I had boob sweat showing through my shirt (sans bra due to the open back thingy.)
                                                    HOLY MORTIFYING.
So of course I overly indulged in the vodka crans and cracked many many wow im in pre-menopause jokes that weren't funny.  Oh well, by the end of the night I was sitting on a curb, talking to my new BFF who I have several pics with that I won't share on here and scarfing down pizza.  Boob sweat and late night pizza eating considered, Nappy Roots was well worth it!
So I forgot to snap a pic of my outfit, but in my vodka cran embarrassment induced haze I did get Casey to take a pic of my  stacked bangles paired with my new Michael Kors watch!  It made its first appearance downtown! Haha.  Please disregard the chipped nails, I was all set for an evening of lounging.  Also let me take a moment to explain my wrists aka the ban of my existence.  Simply put I have baby wrists.  Like I have never lost my baby fat and my wrist size does not match my hands.  Its an issue.


Casey and I headed downtown around noon to get my car and some lunch.  We decided to check out Greenfield Lake park because we still needed to find a place to do the rehearsing for the wedding before the actual rehearsal dinner.  We found the PERFECT place, chatted up some weird old man(pictured below) and then decided to walk around the lake.  Casey was kidding me that there were alligators in the lake...right when I was about to believe he said ohh your so gullible!  Thennnn we continued to walk and saw this!!!! OMG!  He was totally kidding and didn't even really know there were aligators(though once we saw the sign he claimed he knew the whole time haha.)   We even saw one!  Anyways, we kept walking and walking thinking it was only about 3 miles around the lake....OHH noo....try 6.  In skinny jeans and very uncomfortable sandals.  My feet were aching. All in all a fun little adventure and Greenfield lake park is wayyy prettier than I realized.  Later on we had some Mexican for dinner and went and saw Joe Who Lives At Home.  Pretty funny, but not as funny as I expected.  But still good.
"The sign" haha 

See him!  A gator!

Perfect spot for rehearsing!  It was overcast, but its even prettier in person! (Weird man pictured)

The other view!

Anywho this recap brings me to the matter at hand.  My wedding is 76 days away.  I still have like a gazillion things to do (At least finding a rehearsing space is crossed off!) and if you can see from the weekend I cannot keep it together with the healthy eating once the weekend rolls around!!!!!  First dress fitting is in exactly 21 days.  HOLY cow I need to get it together!!!  I've been doing weight watchers and lost about 8 lbs in 2 months, then in March partied way to much and gained 8 lbs basically over St. Patty's day weekend.  I am back down 6 of the 8 I gained back.  But I REALLY need to step it up.  Weekends included.  I joined a gym, was going really well and then fell off the wagon around said St.Patty's drinking weekend.  THIS week I am going to get back at it.  I need to lose those 2 pounds I had lost plus 10. And April 21st is gonna come wayyyy to soon for all that I fear.  I at least want to 5.  So we shall see.  I think the only way is buckling down and not going out to eat on the weekends..or maybe just one night, but no out for a hangover breakfast or lunch the next day and no late night pizza! And yes actually using said gym membership.

I will keep you posted on all of the progress I will hopefully be having these next few weeks!  If anyone has any suggestions how to step up weight loss in a healthy way puh leeeezzee let me know!


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